Star Trek on You Tube

Cut through the clutter. There is a massive number of Star Trek related videos on You Tube. Feel free to share with us your favorites and enjoy ours.

This is a never ending work in progress.

For Movie and TV trailers, go here. You can also go to the pages on devoted to the Movies and/or TV Series.

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These are posters with a variety of Star Trek links that are both relevant and of good quality. We will only consider listing those with over 100 Star Trek related videos.

ChaƮne de MrLeSPOCK--- Over 150 videos, including movie and tv episode trailers. One of my favorites is the trailer for this episode of TOS where Captain Kirk says, "50 people have died, I will lose no more men." While addressing a group of red shirts.


Advertising (not for the series but for...), click to expand or collapse

Brought to you by... Original Series Sponsorships 1, 2

Audi S7, Jan 2014

Cheer Laundry Detergent, circa 1969

McDonalds, Star Trek Meal 1980, Kingon Happy Meal 1979,

NEW! MCI, "Friends and Family", TOS Cast + one

General Mills, Monster Cereals, Movie Promo 1979

Taco Bell, Star Trek III glasses

Twizzlers candy,

Pepsi, TNG fake ad 2006,

Directv, TOS Cast 2006

Burger King, BK Kids meals with toys 2009

IRS Training Video --- 2010. This is the entire $60,000 video. Paid for at taypayer expense.


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"Let it Snow" -- by Captain Picard and the cast of Star Trek the Next Generation



Top Five Nerdiest Nerd Subcultures --- As everyone knows Star Trek is #1. This will have you humming along.


If you find a video on YouTube or another site that really should be shared here, Please contact us. Please note that anything with poor video and/or sound quality will be rejected. Not everything sent in will be included due to space constaints.