Star Trek Video Projects

There are some rather good video projects out there. Here are some of our favorites. These are regular projects, not just one shot You Tube projects like are found here.

Galaxy Quest --From 1999, PG rating. Star Trek parady. A major motion picture starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. An alien race has been watching all of our old TV shows and believe them to be real accounts of life on Earth. So when their world is in trouble, why not get an experienced space crew that knows how to handle the worst the galaxy has to offer. Which bags two questions, "What would Shatner do?" and "Are they watching youtube too?"

Star Trek Media Center -- Video clips from Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Enterprise with over 1200 clips. Great site from the Netherlands!

Star Trek Of Gods and Men -- All three parts are now available. A fortieth anniversary gift to the fans" from Executive Producer Mac McRoberts, and producers Sky Conway Douglas and Tim Russ. We see our favorite crew from a variety of Star Trek series as they might have been. Check the site for interviews, etc. and explore the series on their website!

Stone Trek --- What would have happened if the Flinstones were cast in the original Star Trek? Great original cartoon series. Please note that this has moved from its original location to and that many of the links are now dead or take you to advertising.


If you find a video on YouTube or another site that really should be shared here, Please contact us. Please note that anything with poor video and/or sound quality will be rejected. Not everything sent in will be included due to space constaints.