Star Trek; The Animated (Cartoon) Series

From 1973 - 75, this cartoon series was on NBC Saturday mornings. They only produced 22 episodes and it featured the stars from the original series. And sometimes to hold costs down, some had to do multiple voices.

Sites Devoted to Star Trek, The Animated Series

Star Trek Animated - Devoted to just this series. Here is a website devoted to the Animated Star Trek; Inludes episode information, postcards, art work, a comic strip and more. Very entertaining.


The Stars

William Shatner ---------------- James T. Kirk ; Boston Legal; fan sites; 1, 2, 3,

Leonard Nimoy ----------------- Spock ; Nimoy Official Photography Site; fan sites; 1,

DeForest Kelley (1920 - 99) --- Dr. Leonard H. McCoy; fan sites; 1

James Doohan (1920 - 05) ------ Montgomery Scott;

Nichelle Nichols -------------- Uhura; fan sites; 1,

George Takei ------------------ Hikaru Sulu

Majel Barrett ------------------ multiple voices

Guest Stars

Most of the extra characters were played by James Doohan.

For those actors in any of the Star Trek series, We would love to include you. Please contact us.

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